How the Titans Have Fallen

I found this ad for the Nokia Lumia Windows phone fascinating.  The setting is interesting: Nokia and Windows were both titans of the previous decade, but both have falled behind other companies in software (Apple, Google) and hardware (Apple, HTC, Motorola, etc).  Clearly this ad was designed to convey one central message: this is one cool phone.  The indie dance music and the flowing cinematography clearly convey that this phone is on the cutting edge.  Yet the use of flashing colored squares recalls an earlier era, reminiscent of the dance floor of Saturday Night Fever.  Likewise Apple’s much dissected advertising campaign for the iPod, which involved solid white dancers on a monochrome background. it is clear that companies are trying to convince consumers that their products are simultaneously advanced and simple, impressive and intuitive.  This is a new stage of consumer empowerment, where we can personalize our technology, much as we can personalize our presence on Facebook

– Eric Sobel


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